Starter Relay- Griso 1100 ..

My Griso 1100 will not start ,there is just a clicking sound .
It has been suggested to me that it could be the starter relay…but how
can I locate and identify the starter relay?

michaelh2014-08-22 17:16:37

This is not an uncommon problem. Assuming that the battery is OK, it is most likely to be resolved by cleaning the battery terminals and the starter earth where it’s connected to the engine.

Check the fuses first, on the 1200 the 15 amp fuse B, can cause this, not sure which one it is on the 1100, but look under seat to rear at right hand side (im assuming same location as 1200), there should be a fuse block, pull them out 1x1 & check, just the easy cheap option before the more serious stuff.

Thanks very much it was the ignition relay fuse…