starting problems ev

After a 10 day trip in Germany in august on my 1999 cali ev which went very well I put her in shed to give a good clean up after about 3 weeks tried starting her and battery turned but not enough to fire in so put it on charge ,next day just got a click click when pressing starter switch , I was using a aldi battery charger on a 1 to 2 year old mottoblatt agm type and have been told they are too good on agm types so bought a c-tek after a day and half on charge tried starting bike and just a click again , so gave starter motor a few taps with a hammer and tried starting again and she fired in :smiley: ,so think I must have a battery drain somewhere and is my starter motor or solernoid on way out can the brushes be replaced , the bike has done 40000miles and is 20yrs old so some things are going to need replacing any help and advice is welcome .

Suggests bad or loose electrical connection, possibly in starter motor (needs an overhaul?), but check all wiring and connectors, can pull them apart, squirt swtich cleaner in, then a bit of WD40 or ACF50 over the outside to keep the damp at bay. These vehicles don’t like stnding around too long, fuel injection ones can be even more fussy.


PS: if this one’s starter motor is a Valeo, maybe not a good idea to be whacking it with hammer, if it’s the type where the field magnets are glued in, instead of secured by screws like the old Bosch.

PPS: meant to add, if not using regular, batteries should really be given a top-up charge say every couple of weeks or so, certainly not left longer than a month, or put a battery tender on.

thanks for advice mike h , is there a easy way to tell what type of starter motor it is ,but think its best I take it off the bike to get it checked over is there anything I have to beware of when removing it .thank you

It’s quite poosibly the starter relay wiring. Test the starter motor by taking a lead from the +ve battery terminal and touch it onto the spade connector on the end of the solenoid. That should spin the motor over if it is OK,
Then go look for the Click no crank post on how to rewire your starter relay.

Is there a “click no crank” topic? Looked for one, what I found (but not called that) the photos are blocked by photobucket so not much use. But yes a modification can be done to supply the starter relay direct from the battery.

The original click no crank by Brian is still available with images in the General Electrical Faults area on http://www.guzziriders.or - free to view and ask questions by anyone

Cranking issues on my Stone were cured by replacing the relays with a set from Pyro Dan, and running a new earth lead from the starter motor bolts back to the battery.