I’ve encountered a problem starting my v1100 sport 2003.
recently i replaced all the relays and some of the wiring to them as insulation was cracked and detached from spade connectors. also i removed faulty alarm immobiliser, replaced diode (just incase,( the correct way round)) plus new hgh output battery.
relay box was dammaged so i removed it, replaced spade connectors and fitted relays direct to new spade connectors. checked all earth connections where i can. i checked the wiring with colour wiring diagram i found on the net.
i replaced voltage regulator/ rectifier . although it was not the correct one i adapted it.
all was ok and started well with 13 to 14 volts showing in charging.
however just recently i’ve encounted starting problems. when i switch off, it won’t re-start, unless i use a jump from a car. other times it just stalled but re-started later.
now it refuses to start. when i turn the start key the ignition light goes out & stays off for about 3 to 8 seconds then comes on.
i have exhausted all possibilities, can you help with some other possiblities.
can you offer any suggestion as to where the fault might be.
thanks in advance Tony Walder-Harding

Try moving the bars lock to lock, if that clears it you have loose connections under the tank that connect the clutch, side stand and gear switches. is a good resource, and they are very knowledgable on there (well they have kept my bike going :smiley: )

Just a thought…I had this with my Daytona…started fine from cold…but stop say at the petrol station and it would not restart…turned out to be the blue engine temp sensor behind the offside barrel…twas telling the brain that the bike was starting from cold and thus supplying too much fuel…