Static Rita Timing

For the benefit of other Rita users, the best timing angle I’ve currently got it set at is, at static, the 0 degrees line ‘D’ central in bell-housing aperture, and where the rotor ridge is dead inline with the pick-up pole piece as shown:

It really doesn’t want to be any more advanced than this or noticeable low-speed pinking may result.

The following shows the advance curve compared with mechanical bob-weights of the contact breaker version ~ this is for a Norton Commando but not terribly different ~ but you can see how it has to be more advanced at the slow-speed end, so it comes out right at higher revs:

An aluminium dizzy cover for the Rita originally from eBay ~ Mistral’s plastic version is a bit fragile (do not over-tighten the screws! In fact put thread-lock on them so they can be just mildly tightened).

aren’t you supposed to have a 5mm gap ( radial ) between rotor and pick-up ?Â

No, that’s the point! That’s only to start setting it up, using a strobe. Better to be too retarded rather too advanced to start off with I suppose, but very misleading. It reads like it’s the static fully retarded position but it isn’t!

I’d be interested to know how you fitted the aluminium dizzy cover. I bought one a few years ago (also from ebay, looks the same as the one in your photo) but couldn’t fit it because of the lack of room between the electronic ignition unit (also Lucas Rita) & the frame. I put it down to the Lusas Rita & came to the conclusion that the cover would only fit models with points. Then I saw your post; a bike fitted with a Lucas Rita, so I tried again with the same result, it won’t fit! Either I’m doing something very wrong or your cover is smaller. Very annoying! :smiley:

It was extremely difficult! I think the knack is to start from the front, then it snags on the pick-up magnet. But then tilt it toward the left (of the engine), then the edge clears the pick-up and it sort of slides on sideways. Difficult to describe. Also have to get main loom (tied to frame tube) right out of the way tho.

Thanks Mike, I thought I had tried it from every which way but maybe not. I will have another go & follow your instructions. Thanks again.