Steering Locked

I’ve got a bit of trouble …

Its not actually with a Guzzi, but a V twin of a different stripe. But as it uses the same make (Nieman) steering lock I thought I would punt this out here for advice. In short I have been a very silly boy and lost the keys and the steering lock is on.

Now previously on Blue, which came with no keys for the steering lock (which was off) I used the drill out technique shown here in order to replace it with a new one. I did that whilst I had the front end out for a head bearing change.

Do we think I could take this same approach now given that I cannot access the back of the lock?

There should be quite a few expert bike lock removers in and around the Braintree area, I know they are always sought after by the Essex constabulary! :smiley:

On the thought of lost keys, where are your spare set?

Just a thought, have you had a read up on the page about lock picking mentioned in the article?
Amazon sell a range of lock picking sets.

If you look on the Greg Bender site “this old tractor” under loop framed guzzi, topics then “locks”, from memory I think he documents a way to do this with out the key and without going into the head stem. I’ve done it but like you I’d stripped the frame first. Good luck

I’ve just had a look and it’s under “fork lock”

Unfortunately Butch’s bike with the lock problem is a Harley :unamused:
(but it still might work?)

There is a certain cruel irony at work here.

I’d got to the point with so many failures on the fleet and so much stuff backed up to go up on the table I figured I’d get this one picked up and dealt with by my local motorcycle emporium (Silverex in Braintree – Recommended if you are even vaguely local; So having arranged with them to pick up Hardley in the week I had to rearrange various of the derelict hulks to get that bike into a convenient position for collection. And it was somehow during that manoeuvring that the keys were lost – this amongst about half a dozen sets that the shift around necessitated the use of, and all of which I still have.

I’m really not getting the luck right now, though there is a saying that suggests you make your own luck. There is another one about there being no fool like an old fool.

U could always try every key in yer key drawer Butch…has worked fr me in the past…

Get yourself a key Cabinet soon !

Yer not wrong RG…x

With a load of cheap coloured key rings so you (and the burglars) know which bike they belong too. Please don’t write the reg number on them though in case you lose the keys in the street! :smiley:

I have a perfectly good system for key storage thank you very much.

It’s just that some idiot doesn’t always stick to it.

dont ask me how I know this !!!

I know how you know this ! :laughing: