stein dinse new web-site layout

Hi all !
Have any of you been on the stein -Dinse website lately?
I just went on to have a look around and its totally changed from the old format where you found your bike by model ,then clicked on the picture to see if they had a listing for the part you was looking for!
Now much more fancy but in my opinion makes it LOADS more difficult to find what you want having to search through sub-headings etc!.
Suspect they have decided to upgrade to look more up to date and i guess it makes things easier for them but as a customer to be honest cant be bothered with it all ( to much faffing about!) so will be sticking to Guzzi-bits & e- bay from now on!.

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You’ll be needing the ‘Bike Filter’ option - this, well, filters the parts available in each section down to those that match your filter/model. Personally, I always use the Moto Guzzi partslists first then search the sites armed with a Guzzi Part number.

Note that Gutsibits now don’t have the ‘guzzibits’ name or pages - presumably for the same reason that are now


Yep. I had the same problem. I needed some gearbox parts, but when I put my model into the filter it only listed a handful of the available parts. Like Barry, I had to go to the parts list page to find the part numbers for the bits I needed and enter those into the box on the first page.
On a positive note, they did have everything I needed in stock.

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I’ve still been using the old site, but was disappointed they didnt have a few things i was looking for lately like exhaust manifold studs, maybe they do have them after all and i just didnt search properly.

To be honest i think most things are still there! its just that the “improvements” have made the site less user friendly more involved and complicated so you have to put more time and effort into finding what your looking for!. A metaphor for life in general these days perhaps1?.

i tried the new ‘mobile friendly’ site and found it worse than using the old site even on a mobile so didn’t order anything. the old website is still there, it says it will close in 14 days so I’ll probably just have to resort to making a list of what i need and calling them in future.

well they did say it was a “new and improved” site! just forgot to add they meant improved for them! not the customers!