Stelvio 2012

I recently returned to a Guzzi after a number of years riding a BMW R1200R LC. I picked my Stelvio up from Ipswich and rode it back home to Manchester . I didnt expect the buttery smooth fuelling of the BMW but i was shocked how bad it was. Lumpy at low revs , a big dip at 4000revs , wow , no wonder the previous owners only put less than 10k miles on it in 11 years. I took it to a guy in Burnley who re-maps bikes and cars and after a couple of visits to tweak the map, the bike is transformed. It is now a lovely thing to ride . I cant believe Moto Guzzi send out bikes like this from new , maybe mine was a bad one but it certainly puts a smile on my face now , dare i say it , i enjoy it more than the 1200R and that was a helluva machine.

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Hi, welcome my 2015 Stelvio was just the same, it’s now much smoother with a Beetle map installed. I am in the Preston area if you ever want to compare notes, there are a couple of others in the vicinity, but you very rarely come across them

Sorry for the late reply , been away . Yes it would be good to have a catch up. Off this week to test ride a V100. Finding the Stelvio a little top heavy with a full tank of fuel.