Stelvio 2013

Can anybody recommend a good brand of 10w60 oil for The Stelvio. Plenty of Car oils out there but can’t find anything for Motorbikes.

Cheers Peter.

Hello Peter

Silkolene Pro 4 10/60 xp fully synthetic (, would be a good choice and is widely available. You could also have a look on Opie Oils website for other options.



Are they dry clutch? My understanding is that the main difference between car and motorcycle oils is the friction modifiers for the wet clutches normally used in bikes. So a car oil should be OK. Hope I’m right as I use car oil in my Guzzis, although mine are rather older.

I’m using 10-60 Mobil1 at the moment, but for warmer weather I have a stash of Penrite Racing 10 Tenths 20-60.
As long as the specs meet or exceed the recommended Oil, use anything you want.

Doesn’t matter how old the Bike is, it’ll benefit from Synthetic Oils.

It’s important to keep the Oil temp up to a decent level too.
Stelvios are very ‘over-cooled’.
If you’re riding in single-digit temps (°C), the Oil won’t get hot enough to get rid of the moisture in it.
Mine wouldn’t go above around 70-75°C when it was below 12° ambient, no matter how far I rode, and would drop to the 60s if it rained as well.
Insides of the Valve covers would be caked in Emulsified Oil (commonly referred to as ‘Mayonnaise’).

Synthetics are designed to work best at around 110-120°C.
It’s also better for your Engine if you can get the Oil hot as quickly as possible after starting from cold.

That’s why I fitted a Temp Gauge, and made a Thermostat Unit for mine.
Before that I used to cover the Cooler with an old Neoprene Mouse Mat.

There is a theory that says modern synthetic can leak past the seals of the old models. I can’t verify it one way or the other tho. Except I did use Silkolene 4-stroke engine oil in both my old Tontis, and it usually stayed in. It might have been a semi, but can’t remember.

I’d think if a Seal’s going to leak, it’ll leak, no matter what Oil is used.
They’all similarly ‘runny’ once they’re hot.

Have to admit, I was never convinced either. :smiley:

Thanks Guys .

I’ll go with the 10-60 Liqui Moly as I’m going down to Jerez for the Moto GP 1-3May and bike staying in Jerez for 6 months .,temperatures average 28-45 deg C during spring / summer in South Spain .