Stelvio at the V-Twin - clever Satnav

There was an NTX parked up in the car park after the parade and I wish I’d taken a photo’ of the satnav mounting.

It had what appeared to be a threaded bar running across the windscreen supports, just under the windscreen fixings. There was, I think, also some thin steel or alloy plating at the extreme edges that I don’t have on my windscreen supports.

I’m hoping to mount my Garmin Montana in the same position, hence the query.

I know this is a long shot but perhaps the owner could get in touch or does anyone have a picture of this?


looked like Tourtek to me.

Nope, not this one. I recognise Touratech stuff from the design philosophy where they can bend alloy in such a away that it looks more expensive .

This was more of a simple home fabrication, using what appeared to be a length of studding for the main stretcher bar but I really should have studied it more.


You mean they make expensive, useless crap.

Some of it is useful for protecting your already heavy adventure bike, despite the fact it adds a bit more weight so that the adventure bike needs more protecting as it topples over

In my experience, the TT stuff has been of mixed quality. Some of it was really good, others crap and went rusty.

I recall a funny incident about a GSA rider who over-did it on the TT front but it’s getting off-topic.


The adjustable windscreen mounts are just begging to be made into a Sat Nav mount andI intend to do just that. I have bought some 6mm threaded rod and 6mm internal diameter aluminium tube from B&Q along with some stainless washers and nuts. The plan is to cut the rod a few cm longer than the space between the windscreen mounts and the aluminium tube exactly to length. The rod is then threaded through the windscreen mounts and is sleeved by the tube between the mounts. Washers and nuts hold it all together. This gives you an 10mm bar running between the windscreen mounts upon which to mount you favourite SatNav. You do loose some adjustment on your screen though. Will send you some pics when I finally get round to doing it!

Good stuff, Richard. I look forward to reading more.


Hi Jon,

It could be some time. My priority is to fix the speedo on my Cali Stone so I can sell it. The Veglia clock bit the dust in time honoured fashion and I have replaced it with a VDO electronic unit mated to an Acewell sender. Everything seems fine but it keeps failing the calibration process. I suspect the sender and clock are not communicating but will need to borrow an oscilloscope and signal generator from work this weekend to work out what is going on.


Sounds like a good plan but B&Q mild steel studding WILL rust, better off with stainless studding.Cheers, Gerry.

True. I was planning to liberally grease the threaded rod before sleeving it with the aluminium tubing but some rusting will inevitably occur. All pretty academic at the moment as it is way down my to-do list!

Just spotted this , Was it MY NTX and yest it is a lenth of stainless thread bar. With 2 Nylock nuts on each end, Then a Toratech bracket to secure the Garmin 660. Potion can restrict the view of idiot light on dash. All the best David