Stelvio colour match

Hi everyone,

At the beginning of the Summer I rode off with a U-lock through the front wheel and totalled the front mudguard. I found a good second hand one on Ebay but naturally it was the wrong colour. Anyway, to cut a long story short, the bike is a 2011 90th anniversary model in the nero (black) colour scheme. This is a semi-matt, pearlescent finish. Halfords Ford Ash Black Pearlescent is a near perfect march. It is recommended that you apply a clear lacquer over it but this would give too high a gloss finish so just leave it as it is. If  you look really closely in bright sunlight you can see that the density of metal flakes in the Ford colour is slightly higher than the Guzzi colour but who looks at mudguards that closely?

Perhaps we can post other colour matches here?