stelvio dash and bad running when damp.

Hi all.
I have got a real strange and annoying problem and wonder if anybody has any thoughts on it
2009 stelvio 54 000 miles just had a full service valves oils ect at the guys in Loughbourgh. Running like a dream. But after a wash with a sponge and bucket the bike starts to run rough which slowly gets worse. It sounds like it goes on to one cylinder and then the speedo screen starts to slowly go mad. Sometimes its blank sometimes reads backwards but always odd. I have had this happen about 4 times and the bike was not even washed properly with a lot of water. I would say less than 2 litres of water.
Its getting to the point that i cant trust the bike. Im worried it would not get me home if caught in the rain.
i am desperate to cure this as i love the bike. Any ideas?

I had something similar with a 2009 Stelvio as well. It usually happened in heavy rain, the dash as you say goes a bit strange and the bike ran rough. I took it to the dealer who plugged it into the diagnosis computer but no faults showed up so as is the way with a lot of main dealer technicians they didn’t offer a solution as the computer didn’t tell them what to do. I fitted NGK plug caps and the issue went away.
Unfortunately I can’t remember what the NGK part number was, in fact I only remember them as being red. :confused:

Thanks thats a good call.

have a look on the Griso Ghetto - they had a thread on plug caps and the NGK model number you need.

I’m assuming its a 8v motor

I have found that after a period of time the plug cap rubbers stick to the plugs even with rubber grease - so you have to be gentle when prising off from the bottom

I called in at my local guys twiggers and nearly fainted £100 plus for two genuine caps . But no availabilty no stock of NGK unfortunately as I like to deal with them. Got two from Gutsibits .Arrived next day and fitted ready to go. Eased the caps off with a tie wrap it worked a treat.
Thanks for the help and advise.

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Just a quick update. I did a 25 mile run in yesterdays heavy rain and it ran fine. So hopefully the problem is fixed. Going for a blast around the peak district tomorrow to check out the new gear peg and linkage.
Again thanks

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