Stelvio forks

Not been on here for absolutely ages but have a problem with my Stelvio I thought to share here.Drove to Ducati Glasgow the other day from Aberdeen.Was looking to trade my Stelvio against a Multistrada.Upon inspection the dealer notices both lower fork pinch bolt areas are cracked.I know this was not the case before we set out. Bloody scary thought that we were 2 up battering down the motorway with both fork bottoms cracked.Bike is a 2008 model bought new by me, only has 8500 miles on clock.Went to shop where I bought it, they no longer deal with Moto Guzzi so no help at all.Have emailed Guzzi but dont expect anything to come of it.Looks like its going to cost a fortune to repair as you are unable to buy just the btm clamps. Shop tells me its a common problem, not one I was aware of.The fact that I cannot find any online or at any breakers suggests they have all been bought up, probably due to similar circumstances as mines.Ride back from Glasgow was a bit warmer in breakdown truck.If anyone can suggest anything from sourcing parts to sending snotty letters to Guzzi I would very much appreciate it.Thanks John

flipper2014-03-03 21:17:12

These are well known problems.
These can be welded up quite successfully but will involve stripping the forks down.

Dont think I could trust my bike if the forks were welded.I may be wrong to think this , just a scary thought, would deffo be the cheaper option. I am unable to source just the lower black clamps. You have to buy the lower section or the whole fork at £750 each, lower section isnt much cheaper so will probably take hit and buy new forks.

Apparently GSXR forks fit the V11’s - would it be worth sourcing an equivalent for the Stelvio - have a word with Maxton or similar companies, they might be able to help.Just checked Ebay - why don’t you contact horton916 on this forum - he had a pair of forks with new slider for sale…Welshguzzi2014-03-03 22:03:31

All the forces are up.So any problems would be if you did a wheelie while they are cracked.
Even then i dont think they would let the wheel drop out
Myself i would get them welded spray them black and would not worry about it.
Got a picture some where of some welded up

known fault on Stelvio’s

Wouldnt mind seeing a picture of some welded forks.I would never have imagined this is something that could be done.

Scary stuff did Guzzi address the issue and do the later models have a different set up?

Yes, they modified the setup and used different bolts. This is not a new phenomena, I remember Norton Roadholder forks suffering the same fate.All down to overtightening usually, all that pinch bolt has to do is stop the spindle turning, so it doesn’t have to be very tight.

Unable to source used forks for the Stelvio anywhere.Ended up ordering whole new fork set, almost £1500.Really annoyed about this as I know for certain I applied the correct torque value when tyres last got changed.