Stelvio Handlebars

Hi everyone,

I now own an NTX and can assure you all those pannier frames are going on a diet pronto! Which brings me to the handlebars. Do they have to be so wide? What about those bar end weights? They are adding over two inches to the width? Anyone been experimenting?



I must admit that thought crossed my mind the first time I started filtering between narrow lanes. Oversailing standard car mirrors is easy but plenty of waggle-dance is required past the transits and 4x4s!

I have become more familiar with the bike now but I sure could lose a couple of inches off each end in tight spots . The handguards kind of splay out more than they need to at the bar end, which doesn’t help.

Having said that, I don’t envy you NTX riders with the Trax luggage!



The handle bar issue has been discussed on the Guzzitech web, try there, I think one rider tried Aprillia mana bars, they where compatible and narrower.

I’ve had my NTX two & half years, got used to the width but been I’ve been looking at lifting them about 20/30mm but there’s very little in bar accessories available for the Stelvio.


Thanks Jon,

I will check out Guzzi tech. Peter, I know that some owners have fitted risers so there must be something out there. I haven’t ridden the bike enough to know i I want risers yet but if I come across anything I will pm you.




Not sure if this comment will be applicable for you but here goes…

For the first 1000 miles or so on my Stelvio, I had been thinking the bars were a little higher and wider than I wanted. That is, of course, compared to what I was used to. I really thought it was quite noticeable and at first, I felt the bar position wasn’t quite right for me.

Having done a few miles and become more familiar with the bike, the handlebars no longer feel in the wrong place, In fact, during my ride today I was thinking to myself how wonderfully comfortable the bike is.

Part of this is clearly down to me getting used to the riding position but there’s not doubt that it’s a comfortable long distance bike for many (not all) riders. I don’t even notice the vibrations anymore .

This evening, I gave the Stelvio a much needed wash and dried it off by riding up and down the close, doing feet up U-turns. These are much easier now (largely due to familiarisation) but I’m sure the wide bars help. In short, I do see advantages in reducing the handlebar width but maybe the trade off will be comfort and low-speed maneoverability.

Just a thought!


Thanks Jon,

You are right. I need to get some miles underneath my belt before I start modifying things. Will put any changes to the handlebars on hold for now.



This link might stir some inspiration.
The link gives you the various dimensions.
The Image tells you what they mean.

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