Stelvio NTX Clutch Replacement

Hi all, I have just undertaken a clutch replacement on a colleagues Stelvio NTX. The job took some time but following the manual it was fairly straight forward. Hoever two questions have been raised. 1)Where does the rubber pad, item 13 on page 34.63 part number 883127 fit? It dropped out as the engine was lowered so I never saw where it came from. My best guess is that it sits on top of the flat part of the alternator to prevent chafing of the wiring loom which sits directly above it. 2) the small rectangular plastic cover at the top left hand side of the timing chest is not mentioned in the manual and it has to be removed to allow the timing chest past the upper frame supports. It is a real bugger to get to as the fixing bolts are hidden behind the aforementioned left hand frame tube. there is nothing behind the cover (item 5 on page 34.47 part number 976554) my question is what used to be behind the cover and what doesn’t it exist anymore? If anyone needs to remove the Stelvio engine from the frame please note: this cover needs to be removed and later replaced. this was the most fiddly job within the whole clutch replacement exercise. Cheers Phil

I have read that the rectangular cover on the top left side of the timing cover was originally some kind of breather but it was just blocked off on later models.

Very Moto Guzzi

Thanks for the reply.
Another question. Does anyone know what a Moto Guzzi agency charges for the labour for doing a Stelvio clutch replacement? either in hours or Pounds. I spent about 30 hours on the job but that included cleaning and re-greasing all suspension bearing along with the swing arm taper rollers, Helicoiling the gearbox drain plug, lubricating the starter motor “bendix”, checking the alternator belt tension, changing all oils and filters etc.
Thanks in advance, Phil

Hello Phil
I’ve had discussions recently with the MG dealer in N. Wales about replacing the clutch on my 2013 Stelvio. My impression is that it will be something like 12-15 hours; i.e. 2 days.

David W

Thanks David. It took me about double that time but I cleaned and greased all suspension bearings, as well as swing arm taper rollers. Obviously doing the job for the first time on a CARC machine is a bit daunting but the only real issue is the need to be able to lift the rear end as the centre stand has to be removed. An old Tonti engine stand was also very useful in making it possible to lower, and then raise, the engine unit slowly and accurately. The job is now complete and everything appears to be good. The owner says the clutch is now smooth and quiet and gear changes are better than before. Cheers Phil