Stelvio off on a Cylinder ?

10 NTX . Stelvio The Bike is always garaged . It hasnt been out for a Week , ish , the last spin may well have been a spirited run . Today , on start up ,i noticed her V,lumpy , on inspection she was off on the LHS cylinder , i removed the spark plug ,great spark , great compression , but i wonder why i didnt get the smell of petrol … Dialled up the “Menu” and nothing showing on the faults lists. Wonderin ?..

Parodi2013-07-24 21:27:22

Worth checking the electrical/fuel connectors to LH injector.G.

 The bike "diagnosis" ECU 27 which is LHS Injector ,all connectors seem     clean and bright , just going to change , the Lhs to the rhs to see if     shes off when i change them about..

HT leads are exact length. Mine worked lose one side

     She has a great spark on both sides.       Injectors changed round , still not firing on LH Cylinder.       Volt meter shows LHS connectors are at 1.2 , RHS connectors       are 1.9 , chasing wires now !....

Pulled the Injectors Relay , No real signs of corrosion . Clipped off the ECU cover , front connector looked fine ,rear most one doesnt look to hot ,a lot of a Bluey type gunge ,and it looks like some of the prongs may be damaged ? ?

Sounds like the dreaded negative path corrosion, the best product to sort this is an aircraft anti-corrosion spray, ACF50, this is brilliant on copper, brass and aluminium, Motomecca stock it if you cannot find it locally.Cheers, Gerry.

I only wish it was a bad earth .   I suppose it was a few bad earths . Blue goo !.    Now just for good measure , I have one of the wee pins stuck up inside the  connector ! ..... Balls
    Have any of you any idea of , 1 , if this can be repaired                                               , 2 , who can do it                                                , 3 , how do i get the one remaining pin out ?
Magneti Marelli IAW 5AM     This unit is not spefic to the Stelvio ,       i see it on Some ducatis , and a lot of Fiat cars ,       Any info on the different applications ,and what would work for me would be good