Stelvio problems?

I have just had a message about a recall on Stelvios something to do with fork legs. Anyone know anything more?

I have just had my centre stand replaced by Newcombe Bros aparently the new one has an additional triangular fillet making two, one above and one below the cross bar on the stand, whereas the old one only had one fillet.

Recently they also removed one of the two starter motor relays, which apparently makes the starter run when the relay gets wet even though the engine is running, can cause starter and battery problems.

I’ve certainly not heard anything yet Chris, but thanks for that Ill keep my ear to the ground and let you know if I hear anything mate.

The only thing I’ve personally had to have done, is the battery terminals furred up, condensation in the indicator lenses during rain or damp weather, and a software update, apart from that all is good at the moment.

Aww tis just getting to know ya BT, the odd “snotty” nose is to be expected this weather

It has been known for the pinch bolts at the bottom of the fork legs to crack the casting if done up rediculously tight. I think they have altered the design in some way.

Thanks Brian that was the one, pinch bolts. Do you have a torque setting?

info on forks breaking on the guzzitech site with pics of broken pinch bolts lugs.

seems the fork legs have been re-deigned on newer models, design fault?

More likely untrained gorillas tightening the pinch bolts.The pinch bolts have also been changed.

Thanks, I will have a chat with Newcombe Bros about the torque setting for the pinch bolts

My gearbox oil filler cap was done up so tight I broke an allen key trying to undo it.