Stelvio tyres Southampton area

Going on a quick tour in a few weeks and need some new tyres, can anyone recommend a place to buy and have them fitted in Southampton :question:

Try Malcolm Cox in Eastleigh, I had tyres fitted there some time ago to my Quota and they seemed okay. Would need to check if they can remove/refit the wheels, (I just took the wheels in.)

What tyres are you looking at getting?

I disliked the OE fit Scorpion’s on my Stelvio so much that 2-weeks ago when the rear was due for replacement I had them both replaced for Tourance (which I had run happily for many years on my old GS) but I am now beginning to think that I have made the wrong decision as they just don’t suit the bike.
I have played with pressures & suspension settings but it still handles like a pig, I am NOT a happy bunny.

Just for reference and I know this is of no use to you, I took the loose wheels into Flitwick MC’s (Beds) and it was £181 for the pair inc fitting & VAT.

Thanks for replies, got myself sorted with a set from my local bike shop in Bursledon (well I think I have but won’t know for sure until they are fitted tomorrow :unamused: ).
Decided to go for an update on the pirelli OEM fits, so after a bit a advice am having PIrelli Scorpoin Trail II fitted. Not very adventurous I know, but I’m always one to go for the safe option these days.

Just fitted a pair of TKC 70 to mine, 400mls in they feel very nice…£167 the pair…Openeo