Sticking Float

A few months ago I had to replace the floats in my Cali III carbs as they had become porous.

The originals were the old black solid floats but I replaced them with the hollow white nylon type and they have been fine until yesterday.

The bike started up fine but began to run roughly after a couple of minutes and I saw that fuel was pouring out of the R/H carb breather pipe.

When I stripped the carb down I found that the pivot tube on the float

had expanded just enough to bind against it’s supports at each end. A couple of minutes with a very fine file cured the problem but I thought I would share this with others in case the problem occurs on their bike.

Personally I blame the E5 fuel but perhaps I’m just paranoid.

Good call on the modification. I wonder if it could be done pre-emptively?
You’re probably right about the fuel.
All the best

Funny you should mention this I’ve just done exactly the same thing on my Le mans.

Wow! 'Course for the older black ones, the centre pivot and arms are metal. So not a prob. My old black ones the floats are still OK. So far…