Stopped clocks

Hi all, please has anyone got any ldeas why the Speedo and rev counter on my V50 3 have stopped working .
Just did a basic tune up , New plugs points and timing , and when everything was back together l got a rapid clicking from the solenoid when l tried to start the engine .
I took the tank back off , checked all connections , wiggled things (as you do )
put tank back and bike started first time .
She’s running really well but for some reason both clocks no longer work . I always thought they were individually driven, so can’t work out what’s gone wrong .
Cheers .

Can’t remember about the rev counter, but on my V50 Monza the speedo was driven by a cable from the front wheel.

Hi RR am l right in thinking that’s the mileometor ? Distance travelled is still clicking up but no needles are going round when l am riding . Can’t understand why both clocks have failed

Going to check for a bad earth - loose connection this morning . That would tie in with the dodgy starting yesterday.

Because both have stopped together, it would imply that something has been disturbed by your recent work. But strange that the odometer is working while the speedometer is not.
My Spada has cable drives for both, but the 850GT (loop frame) rev counter is electronic and works from the LT side of the distributor.
From my understanding, cable-driven gauges don’t need any electrical supply as they use permanent magnets inside.

Thanks for the advice lan, l have gone over various things this morning but no change.
All l did was regap points and tappets and retard the timing slightly ,so can’t think of anything l could have disturbed .
Like you l thought tacho and Speedo have separate drives ,so l can’t see why both have
Stopped .
Cheers .

Speedo now working normally after stripping and lubricating cable . Bike had a real soaking on the M25 a couple of weeks ago ,so wondering if that caused it .
Did same with tacho cable but still no movement .

Do they have the 90 degree angle drives on the back of the gauges, or do the cables go straight in?

Straight . I’ve cleaned and oiled both .
Wondering if the bevel broke when l altered the timing .
Cheers .

Are the outer sleeves adjustable for length? If so may have pulled out a bit so inners are not connecting at both ends. You sure the inner hasn’t broken? Should be square at each end. I used to break inners regularly due to them rusting until I figured how to keep the rain out of the cable sleeves (insulation tape)

Hi Mike . Sorry not to have got back sooner , but have been offline for a few days due to phone problems .
Yes it was a broken cable , and l have sorted the speedo and earthing problems too. I think it might of been down to the soaking we got on the way home from the Essex Camp last month .
Also thanks to Ranton Rambler for help and suggestions too .
Cheers .

Excellent, sorted. :smiley:

Rode to the Steel Horse to see the Welshie’s this afternoon ,
all running well.

Bluddy hell blame it on the Essex crew then … more seriously, glad you got it sorted.

BTW - I’ve always found it hard to get the rev counter cable routed nice on my mk II. It used to eat the cables but has been better more recently. Must have got something right.

Steel Horse Cafe?

Yes Mike , near Abergavenny. A real selection of bikes and riders and good grub too

Had a right job routing my cable too Butch . Its hard to keep it away from the brake switch end of the master cylinder. Had to cable tie it up high on the frame but still not 100%
happy. The great time we had at the Essex Camp made the soaking getting there and back seem almost enjoyable. Definitely on my list for next year .

Yes I’ve been there! Was on quiet days tho.