Stornello 160cc 1969

I’ve recently acquired a 160cc Stornello, (1969 standard cooking model) Question, are they 6v or 12v as there is no battery present, confusion is it has a 6v bulb in the front and a 12v bulb in the rear, Also are they positive or negative earth?
Any help would be appreciated

Dear Mr Twoleft,

I think you will find this pdf helpful:

The “This Old Tractor” website by Gregory Bender is an absolute gold mine for Guzzi enthusiasts.

BTW. My uncle billy also had two left feet. He had to walk around in a pair of Flip Flips. :smiley:

Many thanks, it’s a great help to have a wiring diagram
I’ll take a look at the website you recommended
Thanks again

It is a 6V system. The electrical system is rather crude, but bothbulbs should be 6V!
Manuals and parts books etc are available on the Guzzitek website. I have a 65 125 cc and a 70’s 160 5 speed.