Stornello 5 speed frame or engine wanted.

I seem to have run into a problem registering my Stornello Scrambler project as it is a mix of parts. The frame is a 160cc with serial number starting SM and the engine is a 125cc with a prefix of ST which is not acceptable to the DVLA. I am looking for either a 125cc 5 speed 1970 to 74 frame with an ST prefix or a 125cc 5 speed engine with an SM prefix. A pair of SM crank cases would do as I can easily transfer the internals over.
Does anyone on here have anything going spare or know of anyone with anything suitable in their garage?

Repalcement ST frame now located, I’m going to pick it up on Saturday from Liverpool. It also comes with a spare 1960’s 4 speed Stornello Sport frame so if anyone is needing one, drop me a message.

Goodness Don, the DVLA are a picky bunch!. What difference does it make to anyone if the frame and engine numbers don’t match model for model? Anyway, glad you found one so quickly. That certainly wont happen here in SA as they are rare bikes indeed. Good luck with the rebuild of the rebuild!



For registration purposes, it is counted as a reconstructed classic vehicle as it is a collection of bits that i have brought together. The DVLA requirement is that it is only recognise your vehicle as a reconstructed classic vehicle if it meets certain criteria. It must be:

  • built from genuine period components from more than one vehicle,
  • all over 25 years old and of the same specification as the original vehicle
  • a true reflection of the marque.
    This means all the main bits like frame, forks, wheels, engine and gearbox have to be pretty much as it left the factory so I had better hide the Yamaha forks and wheels away.