Stornello Clutch basket

HiAnyone know if the nut retaining the clutch basket onto the gear box shaft is a left or right handed thread?I can’t find any reference to it being left handed but have very limited access to any manuals for the Stornello. I have bent the tab washer down and tried giving it a good few sharp taps on a socket T bar and also a good steady pressure with about a foot length of leverage and it is not budging.I can see a tiny bit of thread and it does look like a normal right hand thread. Maybe someone has put half a tube of loctite down it for good measure.

Do you have access to an air impact wrench? That’s what I use and it usually comes off reasonably easily if a right hand thread, if not I try the other way. Not so scientific I know but it works. I reckon it’s a normal r/h thread. The Italian manual says nothing but ‘undo the hexagonal nut in the middle of the clutch plates’, then mentions a special tool to remove clutch etc. Maybe email the Dutch guy and ask what he did? He also has this in English (you’ve probably seen it): Englsihitalianmotor2013-05-25 19:24:49

The manual I have skips the removal of the basket, it jumps from compressing the springs and removing the clip to separating the cases!The pictures from the Dutch guy say the clutch basket came off easily! If it was a left hand thread, I am sure he would of mentioned it.I have tried heat, penetrating fluid etc, just wary about damaging the basket as the most effective way of locking it is a big flat spanner through the basket and onto the kick start shaftI will just have to up the leverage. Long extension bar and an even bigger bar on the end. That is quite a good little site Flying Squirrel has, a few good bits of information to download.

Don-Spada2013-05-25 21:29:44

can bring a impact driver over tommorow if you want on Sunday will do right and left

Get Ray over to give it a wazzle and I bet it’ll come off easy…

Saviour ray booked for tomorrow, I have tried a T bar and an old handlebar over the end for extra leverage and the b******y thing still wont shift. I think it is going to be a you hold it, I’ll hit it approach. Just wary of damaging the clutch drum as it is being held with a spanner through the basket.The engine looks like it is covered in rust, fortunately there is a layer of oil underneath and it wipes off fairly easily. I shall get a big bowl of white spirit and wash everything off in that.

i really should stop reading about guzzi singles ,might end up getting one.Good luck

The suspense is killing me …

impact wrench was a struggling tried standard way with no result, then tried opposite way with no result , looked at nut and i have hammered a dent in each flat with the socket (they are ones that drive on the flat and not corners)
then gave it full welly standard way and it finnaly gave up its struggle and spun off
The Milwalkee impact driver was a struggling to say the least

it was bloody tight to say the least

Glad to be of service

Not surprised there is some years of rust in there. Don you are a very brave and patient man, you have my utter admiration

Thanks for your help Ray. As you said, I don’t think I would have got that off with a standard socket. I reckon I had about 2 foot of leverage on a standard socket T bar and it was not moving at all.Been cleaning the clutch drum and the operating mechanism this evening, years of muck and grime to scrub away, plus the rust from the engine lying in a leaky shed for years . Lots of WD40 and toothbrushes, wire brushes etc and it is beginning to look quite serviceable.Clutch operating mechanism!
Don-Spada2013-05-27 20:53:12


Dont argue with me or i will screw your nuts off

Max of 325 FT Pounds and it struggled

Ex smokingbiker2013-05-27 22:29:16

Thought I was going to need your help again.Got the centrifugal oil filter off and there was a 32mm nut behind that was on pretty tight but managed it with the bar and handlebars on the end for that bit of extra leverage!The content of the oil filter was not pretty!

Glad you sorted it, blimey, that’s motor’s got more mud in it than the MV 175 I’ve been working on…

Thats not mud its rust and corrosion sludge

Strewth …

It’s not mud or rust but probably the internals of the engine wearing away. The feed to the crank goes through a centrifugal oil filter, a sort of sludge trap. I doubt if it has ever been cleaned out in it’s life! The only other filter is a piece of gauze wire in the bottom of the engine.

What size wheels go on your Stornello Don ?


Hi stranger, just mentioned, I have not seen you on here for a while. the wheels are 17 inch. 1.60 width 32 spokes was a struggle and I have ended up with an old Lodola rear and a modern 1.40 width on the front.