Stornello progress

I have been making a bit of progress on the little Stornello so thought I would do a loose assembly of the front end this morning, just to see how it all fits together. This is the result so farFrom this:To thisI am still hunting a few bits if anyone knows of parts for one of these, chainguard, one tool box cover, speedo, rear brake arm, gear lever … I am sure there are other parts I need but can’t think of them at the moment.

Have you seen this on ebay italy Don. Buy the whole thing and get them to send you what you need and donate the rest back to them. Steve

Hi SteveI have been in touch with him, it is not the whole bike he is selling, just breaking for parts. he wanted silly money for the couple of bits he did have. I might leave him for a couple of weeks and make him a counter offer for the bits I need.