stornello rolling chassis

Hi i am looking for a rolling chassis or cheap non runner for a project i;m interested in doing.I have an engine which i’m going to take apart and try and improve performance so if anyone has parts or complete bike that they are willing to sell please get in touch.
Cheers Syrup Head

Which engine do you have? 4 speed or 5? The 4 speed has the round cases and the 5 speed much squarer.
A 4 speed engine can be fitted into a later frame with added spacers. The 5 speed engine won’t fit into an earlier frame as the gearbox is wider at the back.

Partly on the back of your request, I have just won an ebay auction for a Stornello Sport. I am in need of the engine (although a 5 speed would have suited me better). Don’t worry if this doesn’t suit your needs, I would probably have bought it any way. I already have 3 Stornello projects on the go, this one makes it 4 and so wouldn’t miss one rolling chassis out of the bunch. I have both 4 and 5 speed models.

Can`t see that seat being comfortable :astonished: :astonished: :astonished:


Hi Don
I have the 4speed sport engine and would be interested in your bike.Send me a private message on how much you want for it.
Cheers Syrup Head

PM sent. This would probably be the one I would look to move on, but with a few parts retained.

Stornello project new tank by Don West, on Flickr

I have sorted out the rolling chassis for you as per the photo. See you Tuesday

Stornello Rolling Chassis. by Don West, on Flickr

Hi Don
Thanks once again for your quick reply to my request for a rolling chassis.The project is now in my shed ready to be stripped down.I really enjoyed meeting you and chatting about the Stornello,s.
Cheers Graham.

You’re very welcome, great to meet you again. It’s one less for me to have to rebuild :laughing: Keep in touch and hopefully we can share any parts that come up. I’ll let you know if I’m ordering bits from Italy in case there is anything you need.