Stornello sport shocks

does anyone know where i can get rear shocks for my stornello sport as mine are knackered

Think Hagon make them.

Can’t you rebuild them?

Hagons on ebayShocksDo yours have the 9mm bolts for the mounting like mine. They are virtually impossible to find. Lambretta scooters use the same size, so I am told.The shocks on mine should be the fully enclosed type, not sure about yours which is a bit newer.There are some hereShocksorShocksAlternatively just take a trip down to a local bike breakers and find some the right length, you might need to adjust the bush sizing for the mountings.

Don-Spada2012-10-17 23:59:53

The bolts are the same as those used on a 2CV I seem to remember. I have probably still got the receipt for mine if you ever need to source some.