After reading a post on Wildguzzi by Pete Roper about a lack of lubrication of critical areas on CARC bikes I decided to strip the rear end out of the Sport. Glad I did too. Not a lot of grease in there. and two bearings in the rear suspension locked solid.

Its still in bits at the mo due to some new parts required and some advice required regarding a solid bolt that wont shift.

So…if anybody wants a look at it stripped out give me a shout. Or maybe we could have a meet up in my garage. I’ll supply the coffee, or whatever.


Sounds like you now have a winter project. Branch meeting in Davy’s garage then? Do we all bring our biggest hammer?

Yea, BFH’s always do the trick.

Hopefully not a winter project. I’d rather get it back together ASAP. But yes, if the next week or two suits anybody then we’ll have a night in the garage.


Go on then, set a date. We are all too indecisive to work it out between us.

Ok. Next Wednesday night (23rd) is open night at the Leapoges. Who wants to come. Who still reads?

Probably have to send a collective email, that seems to be how it is done these days. Will try and make it if I can. Can you pm or email me details?

As nobody else has responded I think I’ll try your email idea. So I’ll postpone it until later. How would Saturday suit you?

Frustrating isn’t it. And people complain that there are never any meets!

Hey Davy850, Enjoyed the craic, thanks for the tea and biscuits, hope you get the bike sorted, shouldn’t be a problem.James