Suitable battery for V11 Scura

Hi all,
Does anyone have experience/knowledge/advice on a suitable replacement battery for a '02 V11 Scura?
Mine failed to start today, following a 15 min run so need to replace it. I’ve had the bike for 5 yrs in which time the battery has not been replaced.
I keep it on trickle charge using an Oximiser 900.

All comments gratefully received!

Thanks, Noel

Hi all,

To close this thread, I bought a Motobatt MBTX12U from Gutsibits w/ charger. Battery is fitted & bike now starts w/ no dramas.
The battery is shorter but fatter than the one it replaces but this didn’t cause any issues.
As ever, excellent service from Gutisbits - efficient, quick & accurate!

Rgds. Noel