Sump extension for 850 le mans

Hi, I’m going to fit a sump extension to my 850 le mans, is there anything else I will need to do when fitting one? The only reason I’m asking is I have read a bit about the oil return tube that currently sits below the oil level in the sump and some people recommend removing it, I however at this stage think I should leave everything alone apart from fitting the sump extension and keeping the same volume of oil as before (the minimum mark of the dipstick with the sump extension fitted), any other views on the matter will be much apriciated. Cheers Chris.

Mine was just added on, nothing else is different.


EDIT: yes keep same volume, whole point is to increase space in the crankcase and reduce the pressure that can blow oil out the breather; and yes it is about at the min mark, however Gutsibits do an extended dipstick, bought one this year and it’s finger grip type AND has an O-ring seal. (Original 22mm spanner type doesn’t.)

You need a longer dipstick, the same length as the original + the extra depth of the extension, (as it goes in at an angle of 45 degs to the oil level add depth of extension x 1.414)

I imagine the sump extension kit comes with long cap headed bolts and an extra gasket? Years ago I bought the extension that comes with fore to aft air channels to help cool the oil as Converts run hotter than any other old guzzi. It didn’t come with long bolts, so I bought stainless ones.

Mine is the same with a cast slot running the length to let air pass above the oil as well, good piece of kit  :slight_smile:

You’re the only other person I’ve ever come across that has this type of sump extension Chris. I think I bought mine from Motomecca, and they told me it’s the one to have if you want to keep your oil at best operating temp. A sort of tidy oil cooler…

The spacer I have bought Is from gutsibits and is exactly that just a spacer, I didn’t know about the vented type of spacer or I may have considered buying one, as for the dipstick, I have one from a later model guzzi which is longer than my standard 850 Le mans dipstick but with the same 22mm nut on the end and I’ve checked with the one gutsibits sell for the sump extension and it measures exactly the same, 107mm from the underside of the sealing washer to the high oil level mark.Â

And I’m number 3, got one for my Spada, also from Motomecca :smiley:

We could form a breakaway vented sump extension group Mike…! Be a small gathering I think.
Back to the thread. Regarding dipstick, when I did mine I measured in the exact amount of oil and re-marked the existing dipstick at the point of the new oil level. However, because mine is the vented extension, the big cast holes mean the oil level is a little higher than the ordinary extension. Your dipstick might not be long enough to do this.

Interesting point.

Unfortunately AFAIK the vented extension is still attached to the Spada, which I p-ex’d in 1987, so not got it no more :smiley: