sump extensions

I see elsewhere on the web an endorsement for a sump extension to a big block Tonti frame bike, whilst I fully endorse this, it is also suggested that an external filter is a good thing, this I do not agree with. The filter in my sump is fully protected from damage be it from kerbs or flying stones. I would hate to think what would happen to my engine if there were a total oil loss from the filter’s thin case getting punctured. To my mind the removal of 18 set screws to drop the sump is not too great a task, especially if you get to check the sump for sludge and bits of engine swarf, and clean it out.

I have a cast sump extension with air slots though it from front to back allowing the oil to sit out in the breeze as well as further away from the crank. I think this comment may have been posted on this forum before but I thought it worth repeating as the external filter sump extension was recommended elsewhere to a new owner who is unfamiliar with Guzzis

Plus 1 for that, have a basic sump extension to fit on the Convert when the sun goes away, could not find one with the air passages.

My current Honda and my previous Kawasaki both have external filters on the front of the engine, and there has never been any issue with filter damage.

I fitted a sump extension with air passages to my Convert many moons ago. Anyone familiar with the Convert will know they run much hotter than other Guzzis of the era due to the heat generated by the torque converter.
As has been said, I wouldn’t bother with a sump extension with an external oil filter, as well as being exposed they look ugly on an unfaired bike.

I have come across riders who said their oil filter has been damaged on the road. Modern Japanese bikes mind, my Rocket has a chrome push on cover, which has quite a dig in it.

I like the sump removal just so that I can give it and the mesh filter a clean and keep an eye on things.
Having said that I’ve never taken a sump from any of my LandRovers and they all have/had external filters :wink:
Interesting topic 'though

Don’t they do an extension with the filter at the back? I seem to remember one.

Had a sump extension with external oil filter on my Le Mans for nearly 30 years.
Never been a problem, never even noticed a ding on the filter.
Changing oil and filter is a 5 minute job - I do it regularly, probably why the bike still runs like a goodun.
Every few oil changes I take the sump off to clean the mesh which rarely needs it due to changing the filter so regularly.
I guess if you don’t use your bike much then 18 screws is no big deal but if you use regularly the external filter is a dream.
I spose if you’re offroading a lot the filter may be an issue???
So to conclude: get a sump extension with external oil filter!!!

+1. I have had a Harpers sump extension fitted to my Spada for the last six years. The filter is tucked away at the back of the engine & is very neat. I have never had a problem with anything hitting or damaging the filter. I chose this particular sump extension because of the design, it places the filter at the back of the engine in a vertical position which looks better & offers the filter an element of protection. I think it’s a much better piece of kit than most of the others I’ve seen & worth the extra effort of buying from the US. Although the state the pound is currently in may now make it expensive. Harpers by the way are brilliant in terms of customer service & advice.

Glad to hear others’ points of view. I do not ride my bike enough to warrant more than 1 oil change per year. The external filter kits I have seen have been all pointing forward, which is why I raised concern about puncturing the filter (I also agree with Al that they look ugly unless hidden by a fairing) Rear filters may be ok but still not that attractive, maybe you could get the filter can chromed? Or better still just have it inside the sump! :wink:

These are good:

Not cheap, mind, but good…

There is one on fleabay at the moment if anyone is looking for a sump extension with external oil filter ?

I have a sump extension on the Spada its a forward facing one never a problem
i did look at the rear facing version but did not like the extra internal piping for oilflow route but it did hide the filter
they are available without as well