Sunday 11th June

once again I will leave extra early, in the vain hope of avoiding the Yuppies high speed crash club
Last month I was nice and early only to find the road blocked
I spoke to Ian Dunmore and he wondered why only a handfull turned up
if its blocked again I will dump the wheels and hoof it !!
see you all there

not 100% certain but I think that there is yet again a closure of the A34 to the West of Oxford for the whole weekend with significant roadworks on the nearby A44 too - tailbacks and gridlock on all associated roads and possible escape routes quickly builds up, and even the smallest incident on the other roads rapidly turns congestion into impossible. good luck - frankly, navigating that sector of Oxford’s road networks is getting to be very hard work even on the bike (amongst stuck drivers who are getting understandably frustrated and impatient).

in other news: “phew, what a scorcher” is forecast

Edit: confirmed A34 Northbound closure for that whole weekend - details: South East - Maintenance schemes - National Highways

Many thanks Barry, as its an hour each way, I will have to give it a miss
I was going to drive it as I am not well enough to ride a motorcycle at present ( balance a bit off)
just spent a week in queues going to France for a walking tour !!
and I wont be doing that again

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Sorry not to see you, but unless your route allows you to sneak in the back way (!) from Bladon, every other route is highly likely to be a perfect storm. I generally come in to Cassington via Yarnton, but major roadworks (with traffic controls) on that stretch of the A44 where it joins the Oxford ring road (oh ha ha) have made that whole locale a bit of a disaster area lately. The A40 too is always a pig around there on a weekend, and that without the extra chaos. You couldn’t make this stuff up!

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Ah well it keeps pollution down !!!
it is a pain as my bike likes a good long run once a month
and its got a new starter motor fitted ( 5th so far)
I might take a few days of work and take a loong trip out
might even make a trip to London, see the oldies
then DVLA will send me a nice letter telling me that in a few months I need to pay for the privilege
and thats on top of 100 quid road tax

Well I attended for my first time…good to meet up with Daniella and partner from Belgium via Balham, and Ian and Andrew.

And no, didn’t get wet at all.

Will be back next week for Italian Bike Day!



hopefully I will be there
Antonio is going to wave his magic on my crusty heap
and will probably bring along one of his fine machines

And contrary to popular expectation, came in from A3400 via A44, Yarnton roundabout…no problem.

Back home went A40, Burford, A429 to Moreton. Again, nothing too gnarly.

35-ish mins from home… :+1:

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They were replacing overhead power lines, given the inclement weather and electrical storms, it was most likely deffered
on the upside, did you have a nice ride on the new motorcycle ?
I saw one last week when I returned from Tewkesbury, it looked very nice

Yeah, great ride. After initial difficulties with gearbox, now settling down nicely, thanks. :+1:

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Sorry to have missed everyone. I had ‘planned’ to be there, as I ‘plan’ to be at next week’s Italian Day, but (as they say) life is what happens while you are busy making other plans. Next week I have to be elsewhere in the morning, and on four wheels, so if I attend at all, it may be in that mode… but at least that way I can lug the “big camera” with me (rattling around in the T3 panniers doesn’t seem good for it).

Good to hear that the people coming in from The West were able to so without drama. Tangentially, I had a run out a while back “beyond Chipping Norton” - not somewhere I often venture, and the roads out around Moreton, Stow, then back towards Chippy were good fun.

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I plan lots of things
they often go wrong
I recently planned a walking tour around the great war for a small group
never again
going on my own next time
it may be me, but life often goes off at a tangent