Super Alce Cylinder Bore Diameter

Hi all, I have just bought a new standard size piston and rings for my 500cc Super Alce. They are a nominal 88mm diameter. I am going to re-sleeve the cylinder and need to know the actual bore size to suit the piston. Does anyone have this dimension?
Cheers Phil

Does the piston come with clearance dimensions? I bought a new piston (for a Ducati) and it came with a leaflet giving information, which I passed on to the machine shop who did the re-bore for me.

Hi, no the piston had no written information just the piston, rings, gudgeon pin and circlips. Hence the question. I am sure the workshop manual will give the bore dimension or at least the expected minimum ring gap. I am just hoping someone has a manual and can look it up.
Cheers Phil

Might also be worth asking on the various Facebook groups. There is a Moto Guzzi Club GB one which is quite active, and also a Guzzi Singles group.
Failing that, I guess there are standard values although I don’t know them…

Are you on the Google guzzi singles group? There are some genned up people on there.

Plus one recommendation for the Google Guzzisingles group. Plenty of expert knowledge on there!forum/guzzi-singles

You could also check out the manuals on here
or here

Thanks Don, found the full manual at Guzzitek.