Feeling stupid here. I recently bought a 1947 SuperAlce. I decided to clean it up a bit and I wanted to make sure the oil tank was clean. It’s under the Fuel tank, inside the frame. I got it out by splitting the frame in two. The main top stud thread was damaged a bit, so I had it cleaned up. Now the trouble begins. :unamused: The garage was reorganised and things were moved about and I can’t find this bolt anywhere. It’s in there somewhere, but I don’t know where! :blush: :blush:

Would anyone know where to get another one? It’s part numbers: 31 and 32 in the attached diagram… The thread size is 14mm and it would be 200mm(?) long.
MG Superalce SA-Parts-Rotated-p51-p75_0001.jpg

I expect you will have to get a new one made. As soon as you do this, the original will turn up. :smiley:
I had to make a new 14mm bolt made for my Airone, as a previous owner had completely trashed the thread on the original. I’m not sure how the nut stayed on.

As above, it would probably be easier to make a new one than to try and find one for sale.
You could try googling Guzzi followed by the part number. It sometimes comes up with some useful results

Might have what you want.

Cheers chaps, I have been looking into having one made and you’re probably right, that when I get it made I’ll find the original.

Steve, many thanks for the link. I’ve had a look and ordered from the site, at least I’ll have something physical to try and fit.

I still feel so stupid?? :blush: :slight_smile:

You can try Marco is the owner and he has most perts for Guzzi singles.
Cheers Phil