Suspension advice needed please - V50

Starting to think about the list of winter jobs that need doing on the Monza and the main ones are in the suspension department. The front fork dampers are shot and need replacing. I see that Gutsibits do two types: a “basic” damper and a more expensive one (nearly 5x the price) with air assist. Knowing how critical good damping is for a car I’m assuming that the same applies to bikes and unless I would be wasting my money I am inclined to go with the air assist dampers. Gutsibits suggests that the air assist dampers work well with their progressive spring set but I can’t see much benefit from that over the std springs.1. Is it worth spending the extra for the air assist dampers?2. Will I get any significant benefit from changing std springs to progressive?OK, that’s the front; now the back. I have some quite smart and period looking Marzocchi shocks on the back and they are starting to leak a little oil around the shaft. So the question here is:3. Can I dismantle and rebuild the Marzocchi shocks with new seals using home workshop tools or do they need an expensive factory refurb?Thanks, folks.

Fitted FAC dampers and dual rate springs to my Lemon.Huge difference.I never bothered with the air part but the dampers are so much better then oe.I then t boned a car and replaced them with Marzzochi 38’s.Even better.Also set your rear springs soft and work up. You will be amazed at the improvement.Talk to Tim Hicks about rebuilding etc.
iandunmore2013-10-24 09:10:26

I had my Marzocchi shocks rebuilt a couple of years ago. I can’t remember the exact price but it was something like £70.00 including deliver - I thought that was rather reasonable.HTH

IMHO and experience just fitting progressive springs on their own will make a big difference. Spending money on air dampers may not make that much more difference.

Makes sense.I’d go for the springs and rear shocks rebuild first.


Also worthwhile checking the smooth action of the sliders/tubes in the lower legs.
Regular squirts of GT85 works well once it’s all back together.
All the best

I have FAC dampers and progressive springs on my Cali III FF ,which is a heavy thing even without us two on it, and they work very well indeed. I run with 5 psi in normally and 10 psi when touring 2 up with full luggage.

got new bitubo’s on the front of the t5 and they made a massive difference , took about 1000 miles to settle down. guzzi-t52013-10-25 07:07:49

I have progressive springs and new std dampers on my V50ii and I would say it’s ok still not good at pot holes! I keep thinking about the FAC dampers but they are a lot of money!
I mainly ride trials and probably expect suspension to absorb all bumps on the road!!!