I any suggestions for improvements to 1200 Breva suspension. Front and rear.

Junk the standard rear shock and have one make by Nitron .Then see how it handles and if still not happy with the front go to maxton
Regards Keith

Spoke to Maxton and they have never done a Breva before. I have a full Maxton set up on my Fazer. And it’s aweson

Thing about spending this sort of cash on my 2008 Norge is that it would come to about a third of the value of the bike! I love the bike but it would be hard to justify a full suspension upgrade :open_mouth:

Depends how far you want to go and at what cost. Last year I did some work on a Sport 1200 and upgraded the suspension with a ‘Hyperpro kit’ It comes with a new rear shock, new front springs and oil. All fairly easy to fit and I was very happy with the result. I think the total cost was under £600.

Breva has gone for fork recrhome and upgraded suspension. I will let you know how it is when it comes back in several weeks…

I’ve got the Breva back. Front and rear suspension sorted.
Took her out for a ride of 240 miles and to be honest it was nothing short of fantastic.
It settles over rough roads and now actually goes round bends. One of the problems I had before was how heavy it felt when going round fast corners and changing direction. All of this is now sorted the Guzzi feels a lot lighter more flickable and so much more relaxed. A worthwhile investment for sure…

out of interest what was the upgraded suspension you ended up with?

I went with a bespoke guy at Preston. Although very good I think it would have been better from Maxton. The costume build there is much superior. That was fitted to a fazer thou.

nitron shocks are half price during November at HPS suspension , be quick its a good deal. I would certainly also recommend the front end from Brook suspension Andreani cartridges. Excellent on my Stelvio. Transformed the bike.I would say the front end was the biggest transformation to be honest more than the back end which is improved but not to the same degree.

I. Think that the front is the most neglected but is most important