Just bought some oxford hot grips for the Norge standard ones have stopped working and were useless.I want to put a switch in the circuit so I can switch them off rather than rely on the techy bit in the unit.Do i put the switch in the earth side or should i put it in the live side up to the control unit.Thanks

+ve side before the control unit.
I do not know its power drain so do not know if a relay is then advised. Though a relay can never be a bad thing.
Definitly via a fuse.

Techy bit works ok for me. You are just adding more complexity IMHO.

Hi IanThe unit says it draws 4 amps so don’t think it would need a relay. The reason for the switch was that I read in the blurb that the unit switches its self off if it does nor detect any movement in the electrical circuit after a period of time. as I have an optimate fitted I wondered if this would be suffiecient to keep the thing switched on.