T3 850 California

Hi, just wondering if anybody can help me out there? I am just putting together a 1980 T3, California and I want to go back to an original airbox. When I bought the bike all I got was the original airbox and no connecting pipes. I know there is quite a few of them. Just wondering is anybody out there has a complete set thar they’re willing to part with? You can contact me on (07799) 434108. Graham

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T3 Airbox

Hi Graham

Which bits do you need?

Regards, Nik

Hi Nik, I have part 8/9/3 . It’s all the Pipework etc that I am after. Graham

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So, to be clear, you need Parts 1, 15, 16, 19 (x2). ???

You might also need the tubes that screw into the ends of the carbs. Part 59 in this from the parts list.

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Dont forget the top hat! Its a valve that fits in the breather pipe that stops the engine sucking air back into the crancases. I think its no 50 in Niks diagram. Nik might have one.

Hi Nik, yes that about right I believe. Some one mention a top hat valve? Also looking at the parts book there are buckle and spring 4 and 5. Graham

Hi Graham
You will be lucky to find items 4 & 5. In all the years i have been working on and breaking Guzzis i have only ever seen 1 set. They are not strictly necessary but if your Air Manifold (no 1) is a bit lose you can bodge, sorry i mean substitute it with a cable tie!
The Top Hat Valve (one way breather) sits in the top of No 25, the large dia pipe protruding from the Bell housing. Again not strictly necessary but apparently it reduces oil consumption??? Unfortunately theycan get stuck andcause Crankcase pressure issues. More trouble than they are worth imo but i do stock them​:thinking::grin:

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The top hat breather valve is available from Gutsibits

Hi Nik, Firstly I appreciate your help in me trying to sort this out. This is the first Guzzi I have bought and wasn’t expecting to strip it right down after The drive shaft snapped on my way home after buying it. If you have all those parts let me know.
Also I need part number 59 the air funnel For the carburettors. Also, if you have them the four indicators for the bike plus a clutch lever. Regards, Graham

I know this isn’t the question you asked, but just in case it is helpful to you: if your newly-acquired CaliT3 is sans breather box, but fitted with cone filters and the “le man’s style” breather, you might want to consider whether chasing the original parts is worth the effort/cost, or even feasible. There’s reason why some chose to ditch those breather/air filter boxes, and why so many of them went into the “parts boxes” and (maybe) disappeared.

Having said that, there’s merit and achievement in rebuilding to “as standard” and many swear by the smooth running with the breather box in place.

Just one additional point: the absence of the breather box and “ Carb Inlet Sleeves” (as described by Gutsibits: GU17114450) suggests the possibility that carbs may be rejetted etc to suit. Something else to bear in mind. BTW, Gutsibits carry various used spares from broken machines and it might be worth talking to them as well as to other Guzzi parts outlets.

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I ditched the standard air filter set up on my Spada back in 1989 shorty after buying the bike. It is what everyone did at the time. Replacing the standard air filter assembly was a bit of a nightmare I recall.
There is a complete looking assembly for sale on FleaBay in Germany. It looks like it is complete apart from the Carb inlet funnels and maybe some of the hoses…

These parts are not cheap!