T3 Cali Screen

Got myself some nice top and bottom screen fittings via the web site and now have a screen. Anyone got some hints and tips on fitting it all together to avoid any subsequent screen cracking. The fitting method seems a bit ‘crude’ or is it just Italian!

Hi Trevor, firstly make sure you have the rubber “doughnuts” that go each side of the screen screws. Fit the arms to the mounting brackets so they stay in place but can be moved, screw the screen to the arms firmly, but not overtight, adjust the screen to your preferences then, finally, tighten the mounting brackets. If you do get a crack starting, (usually from the screen mounting screws), first rebalance the carbs, then drill a small hole at the end of the crack to stop it spreading. Good Luck, Cheers, Gerry.

I’ve fitted about 4 of these screens over the years, and as Gerry says, no matter how careful you are, cracks do appear after a while. Last time I fitted a new blade (after a minor spill), when I offered it up to the mountings, which hadn’t been moved, the 4 holes were almost an inch out.
By bending the mountings I eventually managed to get the bolts through without putting too much strain on the screen.