T3 California throttle cable positioning

Hi all,

I’ve put my recently repainted tank back on my 1982 T3 Cali and I’m struggling to get it to run right, the cable feels like it’s catching and over-accelerating.

I have the single cable from the throttle going to a splitter under the tank.

If someone has a similar set up and has a picture of the tank removed showing the positioning of the cables I’d be very grateful.

Thanking you in advance


I have those splitters clipped into the frame on my '72 Eldo Loop though they are ‘vacant’ - the bike is fitted with a twin pull Tomaselli Daytona quick action grip. I could maybe find some pics of those.

But surely that is a non std set up you have there? I’m thinking the bikes should have the lego block twin cable set up?

Yes, it’s non standard but that’s how I got it. I have had the carbs off for an ultrasonic clean and I don’t know whether the cables have gone back the same.

I do have a new Lego throttle arrangement and cables, so may just revert to standard but didn’t want to mess with the carbs as it’s all been balanced correctly, so thought routing the splitter cables would be the easier option as it ran fine before.

I am planning on selling it and it will go with all the spares so the new owner can have the option of changing it if they prefer.



I had best resutls with the cable(s) exiting front right of tank, to the rfght of steering head. Wasn’t a T3 Cali tho. The cables to the actual carbs may have to cross each other over the centre top tube. The idea is shallow bends and keep it all loose.

Thanks Mike,

I take it that’s two separate cables and not a splitter?

I wasn’t aware of the crossing over but it makes sense.



I’ve had the engine racing when the carbs had gone way out of sync when the cable had hooked on the threaded boss into the carb. I just balance mine by ear, open the throttles and shut them, you should hear them both click down at the same time, or pretty close. You are unlikely to get perfection. In my case, one was about an 1/8" out!

Sorry, yes it was - however later on I did make up a 1 into 2 splitter arrangement, and I’m pretty sure the back end of it wasn’t that different. The issue is getting each cable into the top of the carb without tight bends and/or being pinched / trapped by the tank. Both situations are bad because they add friction. After replacing the tank I woild pull/push the cables to make sure they were free to move about. Hope that makes sense.

I pass the cables through a short length of fuel pipe that sits where the tank is closest to the frame so that the cables don’t get pinched.

I like the idea of passing them through a fuel line :+1:

I did end up reverting back to standard using individual cables to each carb and luckily it seems to have solved the problem so didn’t need to use a fuel line but that’s in the back pocket if needed.