T3 Charge Light

Charge light on Blue shows up brightly at tick over - I’ve got no tach so don’t know what speed the motor is running, but it sounds about right. Always been like that in my ownership. Goes out as the revs rise a little more. And always fine when under way. Anything I should be checking for here?

What Wattage is the bulb? Higher Wattage bulb might help, crazy as it sounds. Trouble is with these though is they don’t turn over fast enough so no charge at idle is normal. As a guide problee doesn’t get going properly until about 2,000 rpm.

Car alternators are invariably geared up by differing diameter pulleys to compensate.

Stick a meter across the battery and see what its doing - but probably what Mike says.

For confidence while riding discreetly fit one of these http://www.aoservices.co.uk/data/bsm.htm across a switched circuit.

Check the alternator brushes for wear and clean the copper slip rings

Wot Chris said.
It is charging but not fully and those 2 are the most likely reasons.
You can also fit a BMW police bike regulator from motorworks which brings in the charge earlier but this will not solve your present problem.
It is a problem because it will slowly get worse and then you are are doomed.
Your teeth will fall out, your hair turn white and fall out and worst of all you will buy a smart car and claim it is the bestest thing ever.

My V65 which has the same electrics as my T3 has a charge warning light which takes a minute or two of riding before it goes out, the revs dont appear to matter, and then no problem for the rest of the ride, I just put it down to the fact that the rotor,stator, rectifier and the rest are all like me and getting on a bit. rode the bike about 4,000 miles last summer with the problem as above but no troubles.

Thanks folks - And I’ve already got down the road as far as staring longingly in through the Smartcar showroom glass (dammit).

I’ll stick 'er up on the table and check brushes and slip rings next weekend. I’d been thinking about swapping to a solid state voltage regulator anyway so will probably pursue that option sooner rather than later.

Bulb wattage should be easy enough to check - the police dash comes apart more easily than most.

Sounds normal to me, mine does the same. Never been a problem, just not fully charging at tickover. Fine once the revs rise. I think my old Le Mans was the same in the 80’s.

Bear in mind below about 2,000 rpm hardly any power comes out cos it’s too slow.

I’m now using a electronic reg I got from Motobins (BMW spares), Voltmeter is always on 14. Except <= 3,000 rpm -ish.

Using the lights can be a bit of an issue as I have 2 x H4 Cibies, 110W on dip… add 10W for 2 x tail bulbs, 50W -ish for ignition … today it’s proved to be a bit much for day riding unless I can maintain a constant >= 4,000 rpm.

My Cali III FF with the Saprisa alternator is exactly the same.
The charge light is on at tick over (and sometimes a little higher if all the lights are on) but it goes out as the revs rise.
If you want to be sure put a voltmeter across the battery. It should read about 12.5v with the engine off and 14.5v with the engine revving at about 3000rpm.