T3 Clutch Cable routing

I have just started to install the cables onto my (in progress) T3 restore. Tacho & Speedo all good but I can’t find a route for the Clutch cable that looks right? I’ve scanned all the images on the internet I can find and it seems most people like taking photos of their T3’s on the Left hand side!!!

Can anyone advise me (photo’s would be good?) of the routing path from the handlebar clutch level to the clutch connection near the gearbox.

I’ve tried about 3 different paths but none of them look right/neat to me!!

Thanks for any help you can give me with this.


Not sure where I got these from, but I wanted to set the tank support rubbers so marked up the second photo, but they do show two different routes for the clutch cable. Anyone have an answer to the rubber position question?

The cable runs alongside the lower frame rail on the right, up alongside the downtube then around the front of the headstock, between the top and bottom yokes. Then onwards up to the bars. I guess the height of your bars will dictate where it goes through the maze of cables and wires behind the headlight.

Thanks for you reply, will try it out now.