T3 Clutch Centre Tool.

Will my ‘normal’ spline centring tool work with the new deep split set up I will be fitting on Saturday?

(Answers along the lines of - ‘no but if you try on Sunday it should be fine’ will not be deemed acceptable)



Still yes

Hmmm, that didn’t come out right at all did it. But ‘Hell yes’, surely by this point though?

Should have a big box of goodies from Gutsibits waiting for me when I get home tonight anyway. And I’ll be prepping up to suspend the top half of Blue in the garage rafters - I’m going to crank the eng/trans back up under it on the lifting table. Look out for news in the next week’s Essex Chronicle - ‘local man in bizarre suicide ritual’.


Put the upper frame on the hydraulic table and raise it to full chat then you will have both hands to tie it off to the rafters, drop the table and put the rest of the bike on the table and crank it up to mate. We don’t want any adverse publicity in the Essex Chronic-all now do we! :smiley:

Keith one week and me the next. Should lead to calls for the erection of a statue of me in the main square I’m sure.

Anyway, talking of erections; I’ve got all my bits now so tomorrow I’ll defo be on the build.

Anyway, I’ve no clue of the provenance of my centering tool but it didn’t fit with the new deep spline clutch. Had to use the gearbox input gear to set it all up instead.

For the benefit of those not following developments on the FB page I can report that Blue is now back together and running again. A (very) short test drive on my drive suggests all is maybe well. Now got a split fuel line to replace is all.

That is what I use and I had assumed you did too!

I don’t do Facebook

Did you actually say what was the reason for doing this, I’m assuming clutch simply worn out?

Goodly sized leak from the g/box into the bell housing. Clutch and gearbox were functioning fine at the time I stripped it.

Sent the box to Nigel and which as it turned out needed dogs on three gears welded and machined, new roller bearing; seals and return spring anyway.
Clutch covered in oil, all swapped out for a new deep spline set up.
Fitted a lighter flywheel whilst I was there as I wanted a quicker gear change - this one was on my list for when the time came anyway.
New rear crank oil seal whilst I was there.

From the state of the gear box, and someone has been in the bell housing before I’d guess that Blue is a fairly high mileage machine. She carries a later replacement MPH speedo only showing c. 15k miles. Not much history came with this one.

OK then! Ta muchly. :smiley: