T3 Coil Query

What would be a recommended upgrade to original coils on a 1982 T3 Cali with electronic ignition?



What type/make of electronic ignition?

Be wary of the Dyna high performance coil, I fitted a pair to my Spada once and they burnt out after about 6000 miles. When I Googled them, lots of similar experiences popped up on forums all over. Gutzibits have a set for electronic ignition which I now have and so far so good. Check their site and look for their referance ELA 14503. These are no good for Digiplex ignitions by the way, but they have one for that too

I’ve not used Dyna but have heard Martins story from a number of people.

Not sure Ian, all I can say is it’s garish blue, if that’s any help?

The most important question is , is it Lucas Rita or any other system that uses the wasted spark system, because they will be 6 volt.
If not then bog standard Halfords coils work fine.
The latest one on my 2 fi bikes are far smaller but I have no idea what volts they run on.

Running Elektronic Sachse on one of mine, 12v coils (wasted spark), non resistor plug cap’s, All Good :smiley:

Just a thought I have Piranha electronic ignition and 3.0 OMH 2/94 twin lead Dyna coils, these work well with twin spark heads however I had a few melt down originally because the nice man who did the twin spark work on my heads told me I needed different coils for twin spark, (6 volt ones I think, I was told I needed less resistance to make two big sparks), it was an expensive learning curve. They were ok whilst riding but if I stopped and left the ignition on they morphed into something like Salvador Dali’s clocks. It happened 3 times at £30 a throw, and that was in the 80’s.

Bad advice! Can’t run 6V coils on 12V.

It’s important because the DC resistance may not be the normal 3 Ohms.

Can you measure the resistance of the coils you’ve got? Needs a digital multimeter, AND it needs to be accurate to very low values of Ohms.

My Spada has a Newtronics (Previously known as Pirhana) system fitted and runs fine on the standard original coils.
Other electronic ignitions may be available and may prefer different coils

OK so now we know Elektronic Sachse and Newtronics (the ignition formerly known as Pirhana) use 12V coils (3 Ohms). Still don’t know what Arpone’s uses.


Sorry Mike H, where do I find what type it is?

Can’t find anything written on it, just noticed it’s a blue colour.

Shall take a picture and post it, on holiday in Ibiza at the mo, will sort when we get back next week.


If it were me I’d simply put a multimeter on the coils to measure the resistance. But be aware that measuring very low resistance is often difficult, because of surface oxidation on the contacts and even on the meter’s own probes. Also be sure to start with a true zero by touching the meter probes together first.