T3 Coils

So last year, running Blue hard coming back from the Scottish the old girl started dropping a cylinder as I was nearing Scotch Corner. I limped into the services there and swapped the plugs out as that was pretty much all I could do. That got me home. It was on my mind that it could be a coil problem and that I would swap them out for new in due course.

So along with all of the clutch bits I bought for fitment over this winter I also ordered new coils. I allowed myself to be convinced that super duper Dyna coils were the things I needed.

Now on Blue the coils are mounted under the tanks rather than inboard of a side panel, and it is all very tight down there. And the Dynas have very different fixings, and the HT lead outputs are to one side. I’m not sure that I have the strength right now to try and work out how best to mount these and then fabricate some mounts.

Has anyone else here faced up to this and found an easy solution?

Hi cyclobutch
i fitted Dyna coils on my G5. Had to fit them vertically to get
them mostly into the space at the front left by the old coils.

Mine are twin lead Dynacoils, I have fitted mine vertically too. I made a bracket out of some stainless steel angle that hangs from the two hole cleat on the underside of the top frame tube, it supports one coil each side of the bracket, in line ahead, with the HT ports facing outward towards the relevant cylinder head.

Ha. Thanks for the lateral thinking and pics chums. Looks like the way to go. Welded angle iron I can do, stainless it won’t be. Sounds like a job for a quiet weekend afternoon with a pipe full or two.

Sorry my welding never was much good but it is still in one piece after 35 years :smiley: