T3 Cylinder head rebuild

Does anyone know where I can get a pair of T3 heads re-furbished ?
Probably in need of the full monty i.e. valves , guides, springs, bushes etc.

They’re off an old engine I have lying around and I have no idea if any of the parts are worn. Judging by the state of the pushrod ends I wouldn’t like to use them without a proper looking at by someone who can do this sort of job properly.

On a similar note, the barrels look OK but the pistons are the 4 ring type. Can I use new 3 ring pistons in the same bores ? Since they are Nikasil I guess they won’t need honing ? Am I totally wrong there ?



Where are you?

I’m in Wigan. North West UK.

Talk to Nigel;


Will do.