t3 drive box and ratios

hi all
still enjoying the old t3 but for one thing that is always on my mind when out and about is- mph per 1000 rpm in top gear which always feels to low to me.
I guess the old girl is still on her factory gearing and pulling 17 mph per 1000 rpm in top gear.

What i am asking is if there is a way of changing either the crown wheel and pinion or swapping for a drive box from another model
to get a more relaxed ride on a long cruse
something like 20 to 22 mph per 1000 rpm would be great
anyone with any experiance or ideas out there? .
any info as to what is possible gratefully received!.

There are a few different gearing sets available,
Le Mans and 750S3 had a ratio of 7/33 (optional 9/37 or “Sport” 8/37)
V1000SP, 850T3 and 850G5 had a ratio of 7/33
V7 Sport Telaio Rosso had a ratio of 8/35 (optional 9/37 or “Sport” 8/37)
V7 Sport/750S /850T had a ratio of 8/35
V1000 Convert had a ratio of 9/34.

My pal Batty fitted the Convert bevel box to his Le Mans but it couldn’t pull max revs in top, so it was a bit of a useless exercise in his eyes and he went back to 7/33 ratio like you have (or should have)

You will be lucky to get the earlier or sports sets now though, good luck

As standard it should pull 80 mph at 5000.
At these revs the 850 is “in the zone” and at its best.

Agree with David, Convert set up would also leave you bogging down when pulling away and slipping the clutch like mad. (Tried it on a Spada). Many people think a big V-Twin should pull like a tractor but most Guzzis thrive on revs and are at their best with speedo and rev needles at 12 o’clock in top. (85 and 5000).
Cheers, Gerry.

I agree with both above, however if you would like a slightly sportier ratio see here http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Final-Drive-Box-Moto-guzzi-V7-Sport-to-850-T-/131891919622?
The box casting also has the lovely sump with finned cover plate, not really any use unless you intend to race your Guzzi, and then the cooling is marginal especially if you consider the additional unsprung weight! But it does look pretty! :smiley:

A convert box would do the trick, but it is a bit too far the other way, plus the Convert shaft is different. The spline is different on the coupler and I seem to recall it is a one piece shaft made onto the UJ. So it’s not a straight forward swap.
Guzzibear used to run this set up on his bitza G5

thanks to all who replied for the info steve

You should try an old Bonneville, I’m forever trying to find a 6th gear, it does just over 4000 revs at 70mph on standard gearing.
At least with chains and sprockets will be easier to modify the ratios.