T3 Electronic Ignition query

Hi all,

What is the recommended electronic ignition for a 1982 T3 California?



Hi Tony,
I’ve got a Sachse ZDG3 on my T3. It works fine and is a doddle to set up, although a bit fiddly if you use the distributor type.
It has the advantage of needing no timing weights and has a Hall effect sensor rather than the optical type used for alternator mounting which is sensitive to dust / dirt.

Link here :

This is the alternator mounted optical sensor type :


You may need to buy new coils as well with the Sachse units so this is an alternative (Silent Hektik) that comes with coils and is preferred by some. The Silent Hektik also uses a Hall effect sensor and is alternator mounted so does away with the distributor altogether - best of both worlds perhaps.

I have an Electrex alternator fitted so opted for the distributor mounted Sachse. Having looked at the Ducati alternator it looks very similar to the Electrex so if you have one of those fitted it may be worth checking this out and gain some space between the cylinders :




I’ve got a Newtronic system on my Spada (Same round block engine) and that works fine for me. Fit and forget it. It is an optical system, works by a plastic disk passing through a beam of light triggering the ignition.


And just to add to the confusion, I fitted a Dynatek ignition to my 1980 T3: The pick up fits inside the distributor, replacing the points, and I retained the standard coils. A bit fiddly to fit, but timing was easy to set up, and has been trouble free for over 3 years.

Thanks guys, some good food for thought


Also fitted Dynatek 111 to my Convert, was available from the States for about half UK price plus about £20 import duty, works very well.

Seen that Duffy on eBay,

Think that’s what I’ll do