T3 etc fork seals - number?

Does anyone know the correct number or code, or correct dimensions for the double lipped and or/ single lipped fork seals for T3/S3 35mm forks? Thanks!italianmotor2013-03-19 07:46:10

These are for a SPADA so should be the same

Proper ones are Dark blue in colour
34.74 bore
47 OD
9 thick
If you put standard 35mm seals in the tend to weep as the stantions are undersize on earl guzzi
I did have a pair but for some reason i now only have the one (most likley got it out to measure and never put it away )
Ex smokingbiker2013-03-19 08:32:52

Thanks Ray.

remember you need 2 per fork leg one inverted to keep oil in there cos it is ATF fluid

The ones i have are double lipped and as far as i know (but thats not a lot) they only have one in
main lip with spring goes spring to forks internals and that leaves the second lip that is the other way round to act as a dust barrier

I’m going for one per leg double-lipped seals, less stiction like that