T3 exhaust browning

My standard LH silencer on my T3 is very slowly discolouring half way along, just below the rear footrest, presumably where there is some sort of internal baffle. The silencer seems really solid. I’ve found an excellent place to get it rechromed - Hull Plating - but will it be worth it? Is it terminal?

bigsunburst2014-02-23 20:59:12

That’s a very pretty machine, a credit to you.

It’s unlikely to be terminal - but it might mean you are running a bit weak on the left hand side, as the exhaust is probably getting a little bit hotter than it should be. That’s worth checking, but not panicking about.
Agree with the rat - beautiful machine.

They all do that. I think it’s where the end of the crosspipe section is. I see your downpipes are blue as well. With brown bits. The same cause. Chrome or SS?