T3 forks

Just taken my s reg T3 forks apart to rebuild and noticed the grey paint /lacquer on the lower fork legs is pitted and peeling.
Anyone know what this was and can you get a modern equivalent to spray or coat them with. Im thinking it must be a spray paint and top coat when original.

How about polishing them, no more crappy paint falling off :sunglasses:

Paint / lacquer?? Wow! :open_mouth: My bikes had bare alloy, which went furry. Did a previous owner paint yours? Mine got the Hammerite treatment.

I bought a brand new T3 in 1978. The fork sliders were painted silver, apart from the top few inches (with the Guzzi logo on the front) which were polished alloy. I’ve owned another, bought in 1982, and they were the same. I think we can conclude that a bare alloy finish was the work of a previous owner. :wink:

According to Ian Falloon’s Sport and Le Mans Bible, all Mk II Le Mans had painted fork sliders as Justabof describes, which is the model you believe your previous bike started life as. I suspect that someone stripped them before your ownership, not surprising considering the extent of the other cosmetic changes to the bike.
The book also goes on to show the sliders of all subsequent Le Mans models being painted. This was also common on tourers.

Mine was a Mk 1, 1976, but could well have been cleaned off by PO. Altho my Spada’s were bare alloy as well (1979).

Can only go by what I’ve actually had as when first acquired.


Sorry from the clocks I thought it was a mark II, I’m sure you said that when we were talking about rubber washers? :confused:
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Anyway less of this banter, the OP (not PO) wants paint info not old gits bickering :smiley:
Anyone have any ides?

You have to remember the bike was a right mongrel - it never did have an original dash on it, was always something homemade until latterly I was able to get hold of and put a LM2 one on. Hence the mention of bushes. (Wasn’t aware they don’t ll have them.)

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