T3 Gearbox Oil - 90 or 80/90

The manual states SAE 90 which the high street seems to have replaced with 80/90. I imagine this would be fine in the T3, but has anyone else got any experience?

That’s what is in mine.

I have used 80/90 for years in my T3, some people now use 85/140 which is fine but the 80/90 is found everywhere even in remote areas so there will be no problem topping up your gearbox anywhere if you use 80/90.

Last year tried Comma 85/140 plus a small dash of molyslip, I’ll be doing that again next time.

80/90 always been fine for my Spada. Added a little Molyslip last time, may have made a slight improvement.

See if you get any more improvement with 85/140. Worth a sperrymint